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Entrepreneur from Helsinki

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Terms of use for the website

Right of use

As a user of this website, you may share the content found on the website pages in external web communities and services in accordance with the terms of use of these communities and services as well as with separate terms of use applicable to them. When using the comment tools of other community services, the terms of use specific to these tools shall apply. Should the user share content outside this website, Visiosto and Antti Kivi will not be responsible for the processing of information subject to third-party terms of use.

As a user, you may copy, distribute, and edit content found on the website in accordance with these terms of use on the condition that the content producer and source are cited when being used. However, the use of photographs found on this website is prohibited. The sale or use of this website’s content or any part of it in a manner that diminishes its value or purpose is prohibited.

Intellectual property

Visiosto and Antti Kivi hold the ownership rights of the material and content found on the website, with the exception of material produced by third parties, for which Visiosto and Antti Kivi only hold a right of use. The copyrights and other rights to these types of texts, images and other third-party materials found on this website belong to the producers or registration holders of said materials.

Visiosto reserves all rights to use the name ‘Visiosto’ and other equivalent intellectual property. Use of these rights shall always require the advance written consent of Visiosto.

Exemption from liability

Texts found on this website contain the personal thoughts and opinions of authors. They are not the official opinions of the organisations represented by these authors. The authors are personally responsible for the content of their texts.

Under no circumstances shall Visiosto or Antti Kivi be held liable for any indirect or incidental damages or damages that may arise from the use of or confidence in the information and material presented. Visiosto and Antti Kivi shall also not be held liable for any damages caused by an interruption of website use or an inability to access the pages. Visiosto and Antti Kivi reserve the right to terminate the web service entirely as it sees fit.

The website contains web communities maintained by Visiosto and Antti Kivi themselves as well as links to websites owned or maintained by third parties. By accessing these linked websites, the user hereby agrees to the fact that these pages are not under the control of Visiosto or Antti Kivi, nor does Visiosto or Antti Kivi have any possibility of influencing the content of materials created or published on them. The linked websites may also be subject to terms restricting use, which must be read before using the website. Visiosto and Antti Kivi are in no way responsible for the material contained on third-party websites.