Antti Kivi

Entrepreneur from Helsinki

Curriculum Vitae

Antti Kivi

Antti Kivi in a Jokapoika shirt

In a Nutshell

An entrepreneur and doer from Ullanlinna, Helsinki. I’m all about learning something new every day and smiling more often than not. I work as the Politics and Communications Specialist at Youth of the National Coalition Party and in my free time I study social sciences at University of Helsinki.

Work Experince

Youth of the National Coalition Party

Politics and Communications Specialist

since August 2021

Youth of the National Coalition Party in Helsinki


from January to August 2021

Finnish Defence Forces

Journalist (conscript), Defence Forces’ newspaper Ruotuväki

from September to December 2020

Visiosto oy

Managing Director & entrepreneur

since 2019

Since summer 2019, I’ve worked as a part-time communications entrepreneur with two of my friends. In our firm I hold the post of a member of the board and work as the firm’s Managing Director.

My speciality is writing and designing websites. In addition to that, I’m responsible for the firm’s management and finances and therefore I keep the company’s bookkeeping.

Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland

Vice President


I worked the year 2019 as the Vice President of the Union of Upper Secondary School Students. I was chosen to the position of trust in the union’s general assembly autumn 2018 and the position was a full-time job.

As Vice President I led the union with the President and the other vice President as equals. Additionally, I was in charge of the union’s organizational team which consisted of three employees in addition to me.

I was responsible for supporting the leaders of the union’s 11 district organizations and coordinating their activities. I also put together many educations for the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the districts.

I managed to organization of the union’s national events. The Union of Upper Secondary School Students has almost twenty national education events every year for both the union’s active members and interested upper secondary school students everywhere from Finland. The largest events gather over 200 participants.

I also oversaw the union’s activities for the student bodies of upper secondary schools. It includes supporting the student bodies in their day-to-day activities, organizing events meant for the student bodies, and lobbying for students’ rights to national decision makers. For example, I took part in many occasions regarding the new national core curriculum for general upper secondary education.

Other Work Experience


Position of Trust

Reserve Officer School

President of the Board of the Student Body in the 256th Reserve Officer Course


Youth of the National Coalition Party in Helsinki

Member of the Board


Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland

Member of the Board


As a member of the board I took part in the strategic governance the union. The board also put together and carry out educations in multiple of the union’s national events. Additionally, I represented the union in different occurrence organized by national decision makers, especially relating to the new Act on upper secondary schools. In 2019, I was part of the board as the Vice President of the union.

Representative of the Districts in the Board


As the representative of the districts in the board I acted as the President of the so-called district council of the Union of Upper Secondary School Students. The council consists of the Presidents and Vice Presidents of every district organization of the union. Its function is to develop the activities in and of the union together with the board of the union. It also brings the districts’ point of view to the board’s decision-making. I, as the President, represented the council and therefore all of the districts in the board’s meetings.

City of Vantaa

Member of Youth Council


As a member of the youth council I took part in the activities and meetings of the youth council of city of Vantaa. The youth council’s main function is to be the youth’s voice in the city’s decision-making. I also took part in the city council’s meetings many times and for instance represented the youth when the city approved its budget and new strategy.

Other Positions of Trust



Social Sciences Student, Economics

University of Helsinki

since 2020, present in autumn 2021

Reserve Officer’s Degree

The Finnish Army’s Reserve Officer Course 256

Matriculation Examination

Tikkurilan lukio



I graduated as Finland’s best student in autumn 2018. Read an article about it in Vantaa Sanomat.

Näytä arvosanojen erittely


  • Finnish: native
  • English: excellent
  • Swedish: proficient
  • Russian: basic
  • French: basic
  • Latin: good

Other Skills


I can fluently deal in social media and the essential social media platforms in addition to optimizing content for them. I know the differences between the uses of the major platforms and how to hone the message and choose the platform with the target audience in mind.

Through both experience and learning I’ve become a confident, natural, and diverse performer—especially when giving speeches—and writer.

Management and Finances

I’ve got firm knowledge of management and bookkeeping of different organizations through my past posts.

Event Management

I’ve acquired expertise in organizing events and in event management and planning in general. The largest events that I have been in charge of have had almost 250 participants.

Information Technology

I master many essential software, like Microsoft 365 (previously Microsoft Office), Visma Netvisor, and Adobe Photoshop.

I’ve got basic knowledge in computer sciences and I know many different programming languages, including C++, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java.